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Welcome to Drew Newkirk Counseling and Psychotherapy. I'm Drew, M.A., LPC, LMHC. For nearly 15 years, I've been working as a therapist in the U.S. and abroad fighting through painful and challenging situations alongside my clients–adults and teens, both–helping them find freedom and fulfillment through skilled, creative and passionate counsel and therapy.

If you’re looking at this site, then you're probably working through some heavy stuff, or a friend or family member is. Or maybe it just feels like heavy stuff. Regardless, I hope I can help. Or, at least, can point you in the right direction. There are a ton of therapists out there; I know many who are exceptionally talented, and if I'm not a fit then maybe they will be. Above all, I urge you to see someone, because it really does work when the fit is right.

Like all therapists, I'm not for everyone. I don't fit the stereotypical image, walk to the beat of a different drum, maybe like yourself. Or maybe you want to find your inner weird, your uniqueness, your stuff that’s only yours, your purpose. I try to offer a balance of strength and compassion. I don't want to be solely soft and safe, nor exclusively forceful and aggressive. The art is in finding that balance and offering you that unique mix. You'll probably be divulging some pieces of yourself that are raw and weighty and maybe even a bit scary. This can be difficult, I know, I was a client before I was ever a therapist.

Strength & Compassion


I'm eclectic, borrowing from many modalities. I love a diversity of clients with varying issues... from teens to folks in their 70's, blue-collar, white-collar, singles and couples, artists, bankers... When competancy is present, I've found that the chemistry between a therapist and client is paramount

My library is filled with tons of Psychology books: Jung and Freud, Gestalt and everything non-fiction. But I'm just as influenced by art and literature, CEO's, stocks, and sports: Rilke, Twain, Steinbeck, Foster-Wallace, CS Lewis, Springsteen, Johnny Cash, the Smiths and RUN DMC. Balance is key.

1st Steps

Making an appointment

Give me a call or a text, that’s the best way. Or you can send me an email if that’s easier for you. I’ll call or email you back (usually pretty quickly). Most times people want to set something up right away, which I totally dig. But if you’re uncertain about therapy, we can talk a little more about what’s happening with you and then decide what the best next steps are. I know it can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking to make that first call – like you’re a teenager calling someone for a first date – but I’m pretty easy to talk to and will try to keep it comfortable, safe and not so awkward.

My clients encompass a wide range of backgrounds, ages, seasons of life, and socio-economical stations. I work with everyone from teenagers as young as thirteen to folks in their late-sixties — including singles, pre-married couples counseling and married couples; artists to folks in the corporate world.


I have a set fee for clients. It’s difficult for me to budge based on my busy schedule. In some cases I can play with my fee a bit, if you don’t think you can afford therapy, call or email me anyway and we’ll see what we can figure out. Maybe I can refer someone else if for some reason I’m not able to see you.


Many of my clients are able to receive reimbursement (or partial reimbursement) from their health insurance companies if they have out-of-network coverage. Consult your insurance plan to find out if you have out-of-network coverage, and what they’ll reimburse—you often have better coverage than you think. Plans tend to cover, on average, 60-80% of the cost. You’re responsible for paying for your therapy and then getting reimbursed by your insurance company. I’ll provide you with the necessary paperwork to help make that as easy as possible. It’s pretty painless, really.

"I prefer joy."

Initial Appointment

Each session is 45 minutes, including the first. We’re trying to accomplish a couple of things in that initial session: You and I deciding together if we’re a good match and just building the foundation for a trusting relationship. Additionally, I’ll be spending some time getting a little background on your situation. But, in some cases, if it’s needed, I’ll be giving you some help right away with what it is you’ve come in for.

Are our conversations confidential?

I strictly adhere to all legal and ethical guidelines concerning client/counselor confidentiality. I am committed to safeguarding your trust and to ensuring that all calls, emails, and counseling sessions are treated with the utmost sensitivity and privacy. I am legally bound to report issues of elder or child abuse/neglect, and threats involving intention to harm self or others.

The Process

I’m not a big fan of the word happy. I prefer joy. People often talk about happiness as if it were a permanent state of being, but that doesn’t seem to be reality. Joy, though, seems very real to me. It comes sometimes in short bursts, other times in long waves, or seasons. Yes, I want to help you find and enhance your joy, and that is a goal of mine as a psychotherapist and counselor, but it doesn’t stop there. I’d love for you to find lasting freedom and fulfillment. While there will always be hardship and struggle, times when we have to put our joy, or happiness, on the shelf for awhile, we can always live in freedom and fulfillment.

My goal is to set you up with some deeper understanding about yourself—maybe that means understanding why you do what you do, or maybe why your past has had a powerful impact on your present circumstances.

Whatever the causes, we’ll explore them together as we root out the core issues and determine where to start looking for the healing.

I’ll work with you as we set you up with some coping abilities, some healthy defense mechanisms and most of all, freedom.

Freedom isn’t devoid of struggle; it actually makes struggle rewarding, and life worth living. And it leads to fulfillment. This will impact your relationships—with others and, of course, yourself. And I commend you for taking on that endeavor. It wont be easy but you’ll have a partner to walk through it with you. Namely, if you so choose, that will be me. I’ll fight the battle with you (and I’m a pretty good fighter). We’ll fight for joy, freedom and fulfillment.

The West Village

I live and work in the West Village. For me, and I think my clients, it’s a pretty peaceful neighborhood to settle down into good conversation. It’s both sophisticated and fun, quiet and lively, and always pretty. When I’m not seeing clients I often walk over to the West Side Highway or to Washington Square Park to read and reflect, there’s great space in the neighborhood for that kind of reflection. I hope the environment I set up in my little corner of NYC is a similar space for you, safe and comfortable and fit for the work we’ll do together.


(908) 451-5592

West Village, New York City

West 11th St

New York, NY 10014